Big Bag Recovery Impacts

plastic recovered

CO2e reduction

landfill cost savings

circular economy jobs created


Big Bag Recovery provides the practical application of the National Environmental Protection (used Packaging) Measure 2011 and compliments the Australian Packaging Covenant.

  • Brand Owners and Big Bag Recovery enter the Stewardship Agreement detailing the terms and conditions
  • Big Bag Recovery issues an unique annual label
  • Labels attached to bags
  • Product is distributed
  • Packaging is recovered by Big Bag Recovery directly from businesses or local drop off points
  • Members access live dash board for their collection and impact data
  • Baled packaging is sent for recycling at local recycling facilities
  • Cost of program may be absorbed by Brand Owner or passed onto consumer.

Big Bag Recovery Data

BRAND OWNER DASHBOARD: Data to include total bags collected, month on month collections. Location of bags. Landfill savings anf costs saved. Landfill savings cost. CO2e impact.

Big Bag Recovery members will have access to their own following data and reporting tools and benefits

  • Program Custom Reporting
  • Ability to populate BBR reporting templates and upload direct into any system
  • Ability to report against bags and weight
  • Emissions data reported as standard
  • Know the location of collections, by who and when
  • Know exactly where your bags ended up and started a new life



Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 Commonwealth

National Environment Protection (used packaging) Measure 2011

National Plastics Plan 2021

National Waste Action Plan 2019


Government and community expectation and demand

WWF, UN and numerous international and domestic NGO’s and community groups Businesses and users pushing back risk and responsibility to Brand Owners