Big Bag Recovery Impacts

plastic recovered

CO2e reduction

landfill cost savings

circular economy jobs created

The Challenge

Most people are aware of the significant problem plastics can have on our environment. This is particularly true for packaging.

Not only does it cause significant harm, but it is also a resource that can be used many times in order to reduce the total plastic load.

  • ~60,000T of bag plastic consumed each year
  • The equivalent of 142,000,000,000 plastic straws
  • > 10% recovered for recycling
  • Mostly landfilled, burnt, buried, or enters our waterways
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are seen as tick a box or discretionary
  • Governments, businesses and consumers want a solution and are willing to support it
  • Businesses (Brand Owners) want to support, but don’t want to be disadvantaged

The impact of doing nothing per year