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In an effort to enhance sustainability and reduce waste in Tasmania, Big Bag Recovery is proud to announce a new partnership with Dulverton Waste Management (DWM) to provide a comprehensive recovery and recycling solution for bulk bags. The Australia Government Product Stewardship Scheme aims to address the growing environmental challenge posed by used bulk bags in key industries across the state.

As part of this initiative, DWM will serve as a central consolidation point for bulk bags, effectively minimising logistics costs and making the recovery process more efficient.

This collaboration is set to roll out in three strategic phases to ensure a broad and effective reach:

  1. Phase One: Aquaculture – Commencing immediately, the aquaculture sector will be the first to benefit from this solution. CEO of Biomar, David Whyte, has been instrumental in bringing this initiative to fruition, providing the aquaculture industry with a sustainable way to manage their bulk bags, significantly reducing the amount of recyclable material ending up in landfills.
  2. Phase Two: Agriculture – In partnership with Council Waste Transfer Stations, the agricultural sector will join the program in the next phase. This will offer farmers and agricultural businesses a convenient and responsible way to dispose of their bulk bags.
  3. Phase Three: Mining – Finally, the mining industry will be integrated into the program, completing the comprehensive approach to bulk bag recycling across major Tasmanian industries.

Helena Tierney, General Manager of Big Bag Recovery, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Working on solutions with Dulverton Waste Management allows us to extend our services and impact in Tasmania. Together, we are not only minimizing the environmental impact of these essential industries but it also highlights the crucial role of industry collaboration and input in the success of these projects.”

Big Bag Recovery is committed to continuing its work with key stakeholders throughout Tasmania to expand and enhance resource recovery services. This partnership with DWM is a significant step forward in our mission to provide effective recycling solutions and support environmental stewardship across the region.

About Big Bag Recovery

Big Bag Recovery is the Australian Government Accredited Product Stewardship scheme for plastic bags over 15kg/l of contents (sacks and bulk bags). The program only includes recyclable bags that are woven polypropylene (wPP) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). The program allows for two sizes: sacks and bulk bags.

About Dulverton Waste Management

Dulverton Waste Management is a leader in waste management services in Tasmania, committed to innovative and sustainable waste solutions that benefit the community and the environment.