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What is Big Bag Recovery?

Big Bag Recovery is the Australian Government Accredited Product Stewardship scheme for plastic bags over 15kg/l of contents (sacks and bulk bags). The program only includes recyclable bags that are woven polypropylene (wPP) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). The program allows for two sizes: sacks and bulk bags.

Big Bag Recovery Impacts

5,862,844 kg

plastic recovered

8,605,482 kg

CO2e reduction


landfill cost savings


circular economy jobs created

What is a big bag?

Big Bags are the bags that carry products and ingredients to all sectors of industry and our backyard. Things like: fertiliser, seeds, animal feeds, flour, salt, sugar, milk powders, sand, gravel, mulch, cement and more.

The Challenge

The impact of doing nothing per year

We did not generate the initial plastic or its problems, but we can influence what happens after that.

While it’s a shared responsibility to do the right thing with the plastic, it’s a regulatory obligation on the importers and brand owners to ensure this happens. More details below.

Most people are aware of the significant problem plastics can have on our environment. This is particularly true for packaging.

Not only does it cause significant harm, but it is also a resource that can be used in a positive way many times to improve the plastic impact.

Big Bag Recovery Benefits

Better environment for our planet and future generations

Cleaner water ways

Reduce the impact of climate change on the planet

New sustainable industry for the region

Jobs for the community

Saves communities $$$$ in landfill & environment costs

The Solution


Our program provides the practical application for Importers and Brand owners of plastic packaging under the National Environmental Protection (used packaging) Measure 2011.

It provides our Members with the ability to report total provenance from when their packaging has been collected to where it is recycled into a new product. Our Members have live dash boards and will have video feeds of their bags being processed by Circular Communities Australia.



Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 Commonwealth

National Environment Protection (used packaging) Measure 2011

National Plastics Plan 2021

National Waste Action Plan 2019


Government and community expectation and demand

WWF, UN and numerous international and domestic NGO’s and community groups Businesses and users pushing back risk and responsibility to Brand Owners

Big Bag Recovery Data

We report on what is collected, when and where and the impacts this has on the environment CO2e, the community in landfill costs saved and jobs generated.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Big Bag Recovery is part of the Industry Waste Recovery group. We are product stewardship professionals operating since 2015 with our program Farm Waste Recovery (now incorporated into Big Bag Recovery). We are dedicated to delivering environmental and social outcomes that are truly sustainable. Our team has over 80 years experience in Environmental and Operational management and genuinely love what we do.

Alliances and advisors

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